Oak Kitchen With Granite Countertop

Product Description

Condition: Used


  • Silver coloured handles
  • Steel Double Sink
  • Slight damage on drawer cabinet



  •  Microwave stand - 24"W x 42"H x 16.33"H
  • Large cabinet between granite - 35"W x 44"H x 14.75"D
  • Small cabinet at edge of granite - 8.75"W x 39"H x 12.5" D
  • Double corner cabinet and small cabinet combo - 24"W x 39"H x 33"D
  • Over oven cabinet - 30"W x 27"H x 12.5"D
  • Short upper - 36.75"W x 24"H x 12.5"D


  • Right stand alone cabinet- 24"W x 34.75"H x 24.25"D
  • Right Corner Cabinet - 35.75"W x 34.75"H x 33"D
  • Wide cabinet beside sink - 18"W x 34.75"H x 24.75"D
  • Sink cabinet- 36"W x 34.75"H x 24.75"D
  • Slim cabinet beside sink - 9"W x 34.75"H x 24.75"D
  • Left corner cabinet - 35.75"W x 34.75"H x 35.75"D
  • 4 drawer cabinet- 15"W x 34.75"H x 24.75"D
  • Left most cabinet- 18"W x 34.75"H x 24.75"D


  • Stand alone piece- 24.75"W x 1.25"H x 26"D
  • Small strip on right corner- 25.75"W x 1.25"H x 33.5"D
  • Sink countertop- 83.5"W x 1.25"H x 26"D
  • Left countertop- 94"W x 1.25"H x 25.75"D
  • Bar countertop- 94"W x 1.25"H x 16.75"D
Vendor: Stittsville
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